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by Allure Magazine

Our Guarantee

Subway Salon is a believer in your right to know. As you rely on your doctor for your health, you can rely on us for your appearance. Since your appearance depends on a combination of healthy hair, skin, and nails, we are committed to providing you with the information you need to maintain your look between visits.

We accomplish this goal through 3 key steps:


Prior to each new service, a consultation will be performed. The length and detail of your consultation are dependent upon your goals. Are you changing your look? Based on the answers to our questions, we will assess your current condition and goals. Then we will determine the best possible treatment, and the best products to use.


It's vital to keep you informed. During the process, we will discuss exactly what we're doing and what products we will be using. We'll tell you the best ways to maintain your look between visits, and with information on the latest products. Both Assistants and Hair Designers will inform of you of what products they are using.


Remember: Subway Salon supports your right to know. Our goal is to provide you with the newest style trends while supplying you with information for all of your wellness needs. Our guarantee is another way for us to show that we care about your look.